Meet the Casanuova family

At Casanuova we consciously chose for an open and personal experience.
Even though you are on holiday you will still feel like you are coming home.
Our team will give you a heartfelt welcome to our green getaway in the rolling hills of Tuscany.

Ulla and Thierry Besançon

Take a look at Ulla and Thierry Besançon, the founders of Locanda Casanuova. Together with her son Thilo they work and live on Casanuova. You will also find cats, chickens and a lovable dog somewhere. In the heart of the house – in the kitchen – you will meet our cooking team consisting of Gianna, Paola and Corinne. The cooks come from the immediate area and know exactly which dishes they can conjure up with the ingredients from the region. In the morning, our breakfast staff will serve you with their friendly smile; Our housekeeping team will make sure your rooms are fresh and clean.

Thilo Besançon

Thilo Besançon, Ulla and Thierry’s son, is responsible for agriculture and wine and olive oil production. He is assisted by an oenologist, many helpers and a number of gardeners who look after the gardens.

A place with a rich history

At beginning of the eighties , a German-Dutch couple moved with their baby to Tuscany to create a welcoming place for art and nature lovers.
They found Casanuova: a 350 -year old building, once an aristocratic summer residence, later a monastery, an orphanage, a school, and last but not least a farm leased by the counts Serristori. They  carefully restored the inhabited buildings, designed gardens and terraces and blew life into the abandoned vineyards and olive groves.
Casanuova is a lovely place to stay, especially for guests who also want to feel at home during their holidays. It is an ecologically sustainable, authentic place for inspiration, relaxation and meeting; a place you love to come back to.

Our love for a sustainable and individually tailored stay

Our house motto is ‘La Bellezza della Semplicità’: the beauty of simplicity. This stands for a holiday without luxury, yet with just those little things that help you relax in natural surroundings.
At Casanuova we consciously strive to provide you with an unregimented and individual experience. We have built up this special place with an eye for detail and we work with respect for the environment. We re-use as many materials as possible, unwanted items often find a second life.
Our guests are like-minded people who can fully enjoy our historical residence, as well as art, nature and pure and good food. To fully let go of the daily routine we do not have TV in the hotel. At dinner you can share the table with the other guests, and feel free to help yourself to a drink.
Casanuova is warm and intimate. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

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