The people

Even though you are on holiday you will feel like you are coming home.
Our team will give you a heartfelt welcome to our green getaway in the rolling hills of Tuscany.

Guesthouse and restaurant

Say hello to Ulla and Thierry Besançon, founders of Casanuova Locanda e Fattoria.
They are joined by their son Thilo, by Franziska, Guido and baby Cosimo.
You’ll probably also see a cat hanging around in the garden somewhere.

In the heart of the house – the kitchen – you will find our cooks Gianna, Paola, Corinne and Selene.
The kitchen team is local and they know very well what they can prepare with all the delicious local and seasonal ingredients.
Tell me more about the restaurant.

In the morning you will be served by Liliana with her lovely smile and you will meet our
housekeeping lady Daniela who will make sure your rooms are clean and fresh.


The farm

Thilo Besançon, son of Ulla and Thierry, is responsible for the farm and the production of the wines and olive oil. He is supported by an oenologist, many helping hands and several gardeners who maintain the botanical and vegetable gardens.