/Peter Autschbach and Edoardo Bignozzi live in concert 31.05.18

Peter Autschbach and Edoardo Bignozzi live in concert 31.05.18

We are happy to anounce that Peter Autschbach and Edoardo Bignozzi will give a concert here at Casanuova on Thursday 31st of May 2018.

Peter Autschbach has earned himself an excellent reputation with his own compositions - you can listen to them in ten CDs and try them yourselve  
with help of his bestselling guitar textbooks. Here at Casanuova, he will present his current solo album "Begin at the End", 
released in Osaka, Japan.
Together with the well-known guitarist Edoardo Bignozzi, who is a master when it comes to the organic symbiosis of classical music and 
improvisation, Peter Autschbach sporadically plays concerts, which are both spontaneous and stirring.
Despite their rare meetings the two of them show an outstanding musical understanding.

The concert will start around 21:00.

We are looking forward to welcoming you,

the Besancon family

You want to know more?

Fell free to send us an email : locanda@casanuova-toscana.it

More amout the musicians:

Check out Peter’s concert at Casanuova in 2017





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