Only organic farming

Ever since 1988 we have been cultivating our land exclusively according to organic principles.
This means no herbicides, pesticides or non-organic fertilizers. The farm comprises about 17 hectares of forest and
16 hectares of productive land, 3.5 hectares of which are planted with vines and 7 with olive trees.

Our large orchard and vegetable garden provide delicious ingredients for our evening meal.

The work on the farm is never ending. Inspecting, pruning , making things secure,
watching the phases of the moon, the weather and at times the wild boars too!
The business is small, and this is how we want it to stay.

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Wines and grappa

Our vineyards lie in Valdarno Superiore, an area of rich tradition. The southern slopes overlooking the Arno valley produce three wines, benefitting from the sandy loam soils. Our winemaking is as natural as possible, using wild yeasts, soft pressing, and we prefer big oak vats or older barrels in order to bottle wines that are a true expression of the variety in our area.

Made with our best Sangiovese grapes, our Altoreggi IGT Toscana Rosso, conjures a tender bouquet of fresh fruit, and goes together wonderfully with the Tuscan cuisine. Our house white is made of 100% Vermentino grapes, a variety that reveals flavours of flowers and tastes fresh and zesty. The Rosato, a blend of Merlot and Sangiovese, is perfect for an aperitif on the terrace.

Since 2004 we also have produced a Grappa, distilled by a traditional Tuscan distillery from our own grapes; it is a long standing favourite.

Olive oil

Olive oil is indispensable for the great cuisine of Casanuova, the best of which is produced in our very own olive groves. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil smells of freshly cut grass, with hints of artichokes it tastes fresh and fruity with a slightly bitter note and spiciness. In accordance with our house motto – “simple is best” – it tastes best newly pressed on unsalted Tuscan white bread with a little coarse grain salt.

Our Olio Extra Vergine d’Oliva is produced by 2000 olive trees. Harvest time lasts about a month starting at the end of October. Everything is done by hand, which is hard but rewarding work, as the taste of our oil is beyond compare. The oil is pressed in one of the numerous oil mills in the area within 24 hours after picking. Ten kilograms of olives need to be harvested to produce 1 litre of the purest organic oil. Precious goods indeed!

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